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JoosTVD (aka The Vanished Dutchman), born 1963(?), started out as a drummer, playing with in several bands (Natural Gas, Second Street Left, Pret In Pettoband). Became restless when he found out he could write songs. Together with his buddy Wijnand Brant- already a duo that recorded a lot of JoosTVD' songs, he assembled some fitting musicians to start a full band "Catch My Drift" around 1987. Untill 1995 they developed a grooovy eclectic show around JoosTVD' songs and toured the Netherlands. Differences about the commercial direction, Wijnand and Joost drifted apart. Since then JoosTVD concentrated on songwriting and recording his own material. After 33 cassettes, he now uses all the digital stuff to create music and spread it on www.Dutch: Joost is een éénmansformatie, gericht op het


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