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no really

no really

Hannah Clemens is on a mission. Her goal: to make anyone within earshot drop what they're doing and listen. Her tools: one guitar, one voice, and a selection of songs so varied in style and content that every performance truly does offer something for everyone. But then, when your stage name itself is an attempt to win over the skeptical, you're clearly out to prove something. Eschewing the all-too-popular notion that image is everything, Clemens prefers to let the songs she performs as No, Really speak for her. In the case of her first full-length album, Rust, that meant stripped-down recordings that showcase the purity of her voice and the poignancy of her lyrics. The unlikely tunes in her repertoire include an ode to CCTV cameras, an intergalactic breakup song, and a tune about the fortifying powers of peppermint tea.


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