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Why Obsidian Shell? Obsidian is a black mineral with a light purple shade. Shell is protective magic in fantasy. So they can be considered as a black armor. But why this exactly? Well, the idea came when I noticed that wherever I am, whatever I do, listening to my songs completely detaches me from this world. I'm riding the tram, plowing through the Budapest smog, and yet, with my earphones on listening to Elysia makes it completely different. Like I was just a spectator from outside, protected from everything. Then my battery dies, the armor disappears, and I'm back again in the cruel reality. That's why it's Obsidian Shell. - Henrik The whole story dates back to 2005. On the first of October Henrik and Gergõ formed a band with three other members. The name has been decided later to be IQ covering Inherited Quality for first, then it


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