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Jazz U by Antony Raijekov is a superb recording full of atmosphere and vibe. Rather than a disparate collection of tracks arbitrarily thrown together into a release, it feels like a sonic voyage, expertly crafted and presented to the listener as an auditory vacation into marvelous and fantastic realms. Songs like Moment of Green ooze with dubby downtempo ala The Orb, while wisps of guitar and organ float by in the breeze. Go 'n' Drop combines subdued jazz instrumentation and harmonies with breakbeats for a slightly more dancefloor friendly variant on Amon Tobin's frenetic brush routine. Drop of Whisper is reminiscient of the Middle-Eastern-tinged downtempo of Thievery Corporation, and the epic EXIT 65, which transitions from low key jazz breaks to driving tribal tech-trance evokes the early '90s classics of Banco de Gaia or Future Sound


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