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Emerald Park

Emerald Park The former 7-piece band is now reduced to a fiver, and were working on new material (wich for us also means experimenting with new methods of creating and producing music). A short bio (more to come). Emerald Park was formed in Malm, Sweden as Emerald in 2001. After some quite successfull years on the demostage, EP released the full-lenght album "Sadness Within" (produced by Stellan Colt). In this time the band did quite many liveshows, amongst them openers for Maria Mc Kee, Luna, Clem Snide etc. A follow-up single named "My Star" (produced by Carl Granberg) was released a short time after. The band are right now working on their second full-length album (in collaboration with producer Ola Frick from Moonbabies), and as said before some members have dropped off, and the musical direction tends to c


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