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The new, second album "Lights and Shades" leads Richtaste to the next level of Rock'n'Roll. "It makes me proud to hear the songs today and think about their origin" says singer and songwriter Stefan Fankhauser. And with a sasy grin on his face he adds: "Our sound has more balls than before!" Before, that was when Richtaste came out with their debut. "Our expectations were not met," admits Fankhauser and relates also to support as well as the implementation of their musical ideas. "We were busy with the production for so much time, that we already were filled up to the top with new ideas when releasing." These were now implemented on "Lights and Shades". 14 Tracks were recorded together with Pat Aeby (Ex-Krokus) in the triangle Nidau-Lausanne-Oppligen; 14 tracks that mean at least one step forward for Richtaste. Unapologetically the five


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